Asset Management Solutions

Defect Analysis, Condition Assessment and Reporting

Originally developed to support Aeropower’s aerial inspection and patrol operations, Aeropower AMS (Asset Management Solution) has evolved into a complete asset management package. Aeropower AMS supports data recording editing, analysis and reporting in line with world’s best practice.

Job packages are created with AMS and include critical data for the powerline operations, including line information, existing defects, no-fly zones and other hazards. When defects are identified on the powerline, they are photographed and inputted into AMS along with location data, defect description and priority. After the patrol/inspection, AMS supports analysis and assessment of the line, and the production of detailed reports detailing defects, locations and priorities for asset management and network operations teams.

AMS is available to Aeropower clients and runs on the desktop in a Windows environment or in the cloud via a web browser.