Aerial Lifting

Long Line & Sling

Helicopters can be used to provide cost effective and efficient lifting and transportation of cargo to hard to reach locations where vehicle access may not be practical or in those situations where it is not possible or efficient to use a crane.

Using a long line suspended from the cargo hook, helicopters can:

  • lift and position loads to the worksite;
  • support the erection and construction of poles, towers or other structures, and
  • transport tools and equipment.

Using helicopters can save time and potentially reduce landowner, property and environmental impact issues.

Aeropower’s aircraft fleet supports a range of loads from 500 kg for an MD500 and up to 900 kg for an AS350 Squirrel. For heavier lifting tasks Aeropower can arrange access to medium and heavy lift helicopters.

Aeropower’s long lining operations are conducted in accordance with industry guidelines and standards, customer requirements and Civil Aviation Regulations. Aeropower maintains detailed work instructions for long lining operations within its ISO AS/NZS 9001:2015 Quality Management system.