Safety and Quality

Safety is our Priority

Safety is always first priority at Aeropower. It is a fundamental part of our daily life. All Aeropower processes, procedures and safe work methods are kept up-to-date and managed within our certified Work Health and Safety Management System (IS0 45001:2018).

The Aeropower team proudly works together to safeguard operations and mitigate potential risks to our people, our customers and the environment. To do this, we ensure that procedures are followed, equipment is maintained and suitable for the job and staff are engaged in regular training.

Aeropower have transitioned the Safety Management System to ISO45001 and maintain independent certification of the Implemented system.



Aeropower Processes and Systems

Aeropower is an airborne electrical contractor specialising in a full range of electrical power industry services, using helicopters as a platform to patrol, inspect, construct, string, wash and perform live-line repairs and maintenance.

Aeropower has a purpose-built Quality Management System certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 which encourages continual improvement of safe work methods, business processes and systems.

To ensure maximum safety when flying within electrical infrastructure, Aeropower models the proposed task to ensure that Critical Minimum Approach distances in accordance with IEEE/ANSI Standard 516 can be maintained. The output of this assessment is included in the ‘job package’ provided to the field crews, along with the approved procedure required to safely carry out the work.

Where required, all clearance data is verified on site using a laser scanner to confirm mechanical and electrical clearances.

Aeropower’s airborne procedures and training standards are conducted in accordance with Industry guidelines.


Aeropower Helicopters

Aeropower has selected the MD500 as its preferred helicopter for power-line inspection, maintenance and other services. Its compact design, five blade rotor system and high-performance turbine engine make this the ideal platform for live line and other operations. The MD500 is powered by one of the most widely-used and proven turbine engines – the Rolls Royce Allison C20 Series.

Aeropower’s fleet of MD500 helicopters can be configured for each specific task, such as aerial patrol and inspection, insulator washing, live line maintenance, long-lining and conductor/earth wire stringing.

Aeropower’s fleet also includes an AS350B2 Squirrel, providing additional lift and passenger capability.

All Aeropower aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by Aeropower’s in-house Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

In conjunction with a range of specialised ground support vehicles, Aeropower provides responsive and innovative customer solutions for planned, ad hoc and emergency situations.


Aeropower Staff Training

Aeropower employs qualified lineworkers and experienced pilots who are passionate about safety. To ensure Aeropower’s safety standards are maintained, a detailed training and audit program has been established to comply with the requirements of all applicable standards, codes of practice, rules and regulations, which are in turn subject to regular audit by external bodies.

Each year Aeropower conducts comprehensive staff training to ensure all operations are conducted to the highest possible standards. Resuscitation procedures, flight standards, platform live line methods and general training are included.

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