Aerial Firefighting

Experienced Provider

Aeropower has more than twelve years’ experience providing Aerial Firefighting Services to Australia firefighting authorities.

Drawing on its extensive experience conducting helicopter operations in regional and remote areas, Aeropower is well placed to support local firefighting authorities with services such as:

  • Air Attack;
  • Fire Support, and
  • Ferrying Firefighters and Equipment.

Aeropower’s fire fighting fleet includes MD500 helicopters and an AS350 B2 Squirrel which are configured (avionics, radio sets) to meet firefighting authority requirements.  Aeropower’s MD500 helicopters can be equipped with 450 litre Bambi buckets and the AS350 with a Water Hog 800 litre multi-drop bucket.

Aeropower firefighting helicopters are supported in the field by ground support personnel and mobile refuelling capability.

Aeropower’s firefighting operations are conducted in accordance with industry guidelines and standards, customer requirements and Civil Aviation Regulations.